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Air Shave GelŽ

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We are proud to introduce the second product in the Tend Skin® Liquid line--Tend Skin® Liquid Air Shave GelŽ. Like our flagship product, Tend Skin® Liquid Air Shave GelŽ is backed by an unconditional money back guarantee!

Our new shave gel is made from the finest ingredient combinations we could develop. It far exceeds the lubricity of any shave gel on the market. Try rubbing it between your fingers and see for yourself. It simply doesn't dry out!

Instructions: Air Shave GelŽ is simple to use. Wash and dry the area to be shaved. Apply the gel sparingly with your hand. Rub it onto the skin gently. You won't need very much. An eight ounce bottle should last the average women at least three months.

Air Shave gelŽ does not "lather". Simply apply and shave. The gel is so effective at reducing friction, you will be less likely to cut or scrape the skin.

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