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Precautions and Warnings

Special Warnings for Dermabrasion & Micro-Dermabrasion Clients

Any one having the above treatment done must not use Tend Skin® Liquid in the same areas until

One Month after Treatment Is Completed
(30 complete days)

Other Warnings

Clients must not use Tend Skin® Liquid™ along with any products containing the following:

  1. Alpha-Hydroxy
  2. Glycolic Acids or Peels
  3. Citrus Based Washes, Abrasive Scrubs or Moisturizers
  4. Retin-A, or Topical Products
  5. Loofa Sponges
  6. Benzol Peroxide
  7. Alcohol

Client with True Allergies to Aspirin (use caution it is advised to do a test area on inside of inner wrist, wait 24 hours, if no reaction proceed).

If You are Pregnant or Nursing seek the advice of a Health Professional before Usage

Keep out of the reach of Children

Tend Skin® Liquid™ should be used alone as chemical burns may result, using in conjunction with any of the above products.

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