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Home Use of Tend Skin® Liquid For Women

Tend Skin® Liquid, used regularly, will improve future ingrown hairs and "razor bumps." Tend SkinŽ Liquid requires no mixing; no special preparations before use. You can now use your preferred method of hair removal.

Tend Skin® Liquid is the solution for:

  • Ingrown hairs, reduction and improvement
  • Razor burn
  • Electrolysis redness and ingrown hairs
  • Waxing redness

Tend Skin® Liquid is used on: Women's legs, bikini lines, underarms, and face's (where applicable)

First Application: Shave or wax first, then apply the Tend Skin® Liquid Product.

For those with "razor bumps" (PFB): Apply Tend SkinŽ Liquid two times per day, for the first 3 days. Once the skin clears (usually in 48 hours), you may apply it once daily to maintain clear skin. We strongly advise using a double edge disposable razor, replacing it after two shaves. Applying before shaving will decrease the burning and itching associated with PFB. Applying after shaving or at night will work the Best.

For Ingrown Hair:

Applying Tend SkinŽ Liquid to existing ingrown hairs will clear them in 24 - 48 hours. Tweezing is not needed. Use Tend SkinŽ liquid to lift ingrown hairs prior to shaving, making them easier to remove. DO NOT tweeze or pick at ingrown hairs. Once the hair is well above the skin. Then dip tweezers into the Tend SkinŽ Liquid and remove. Re-spot with a Q-Tip.

For use with Electrolysis:

Applying after electrolysis will quench the burning and reduce the redness within minutes. Applying several times weekly will improve ingrown hair formation.

For use with waxing:

  • Eyebrow - Apply once after hair removal, apply a cool cloth if stinging occurs.
  • Chin - Apply once after Hair removal. A sunscreen is recommended to improve Hyper Pigmentation.
  • Method Of Application

    Tend Skin® Liquid should be applied with a quilted cotton square. Rinse hands after use. The product may be rubbed on, thus acting as a cleaner. It also acts as an astringent for oily skin.

    NOTE: You may find that Tend SkinŽ Liquid causes your hands to "peel". 'The product has exfoliant properties; if you have rough, scaly hands. This effect is beneficial. Rinse hands thoroughly if this effect is not desired.

    NOTE: In all cases of use, if minor tingling is felt, apply 20-30 minutes after hair removal.

    Tend Skin® Liquid is made with only the finest ingredients!

    Note: In cold climates you may find some crystal formation in the bottle. This is normal and does not affect the product's performance. The crystals will disappear after several days at room temperature.
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